Our Local Contribution in Denver, CO


We proudly support the local community of Denver, Colorado

Lamp — Antique Restoration in Old Town Arvada, CO
  1. Restoration of all the light fixtures and antique furniture at the Denver Mint in 1978
  2. Restoration and sale of light fixtures for the Stanly Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado
  3. Designed and built light fixtures for the Hotel Boulderado in Boulder, CO
  4. Restored the light fixtures at St. Martins Chapel in Denver, Colorado
  5. Restoration of the light fixtures, bronze doors, security cages and brass leafing of staircase at the Denver Mint in 1988
  6. Restoration of the light fixtures at the Scottish Rites Temple in Denver, Co in 1989
  7. Restoration of the light fixtures of the Byers-Evans Mansion in 1989 for the Colorado Historical Society.
  8. Restored and sold light fixtures to the Governor’s Mansion in Cheyenne Wyoming
  1. Restoration of light fixtures, furniture and fireplace mantel at the Love Oil Company, Denver, CO
  2. Restoration of the lighting fixtures at the Smith Mansion in Denver, Co
  3. Restoration and sale of lighting fixtures for the Nuns of Sister Theresa at Seaton Hall in Denver, CO.
  4. I provide the antique lighting and other antiques as props for the Perry Mason and Father Dowling series, antique lanterns in Dances with Wolves and other movies, commercials and plays. (Including the Denver Center for the Performing Arts).
  5. I was a consultant for the Hearthstone in Appleton, Wisconsin, which was the first electric generated home in 1882 designed by Thomas Alva Edison
  6. Restoration and sale of antique lighting for the mansion at 8th and Clarkson, Denver, Co. in1991
  7. Restored and built antique light fixtures for Euro Disneyland, in Paris, France in 1991
  8. Restoration and sale of light fixtures for “The Victoria”, historic Bed and Breakfast in Boulder, CO. in 1991
  9. Restored and sold antique lighting and furnishings for historic “T and A Ranch” near Buffalo, Wyoming in 1992
  10. Restoration of the Edgar Bitton Bronze work in front of the Federal Building in Denver, CO. in 1992
  11. Restoration and sale of antique lighting for El Pomar (former Julie Penrose Mansion) in Colorado Springs, CO. in 1992 & 1993
  12. Fabricated exact reproductions of existing chandeliers and wall sconces for the expansion of the Old Grace Cathedral in Colorado Springs, Co. in 1993
  13. Provided vintage 1880 lighting fixtures and props for the “Maverick” movie with Mel Gibson, James Garner and Jodie Foster in 1993
  14. Sold Vintage 1890’s gas electric fixtures for the Jesuit priest’s home at the old Regis College at 5127 Lowell Blvd., Denver Co. 1993
  15. Provided some of the antique lighting for the newly renovated “Bluebird Theatre” in Denver in 1994
  16. Provided 12 stained glass wall sconces for the stations of the cross at the new Regis High School Chapel in Denver in 1994
  17. Rented vintage lighting for the movie “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead” in Denver in 1994
  18. Provided the exterior lighting for the “Rossonian” Hotel in the Five Points area of Denver in 1994
  19. Antique and reproduction lighting for the Tattered Cover Restaurant at 4th Story in Cherry Creek in 1995
  20. Custom and antique lighting for the Historic Gold Hill Resort in Ward, Colorado in 1995
  21. Rented props and antique lighting for the movie “Fresh Paint” filmed in Denver in 1995
  22. Made molds and re-casted in bronze 10 large wall sconces (from the only original in existence) for the lobby of the historic 1910 Daniels and Fisher Building in Denver, Co. 1995
  23. Rented antique lighting for the movie “Going West” filmed in Denver starring Danny Glover and Dennis Quaid in 1996
  24. Rented antique lighting for the mini-series “The Shinning” filmed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Co. in 1996
  25. Custom designed and antique lighting for the Wynkoop Brewing Company, a microbrewery in Denver’s LODO District in Denver Co. in 1996
  26. Provided vintage mission lighting for Dixon’s Restaurant in LODO District of Denver, Co. in 1996
  27. Provided antique lighting for The Castle Café and apartments in the historical Castle Rock Hotel in Castle Rock Co in 1996
  28. Replicated the existing 1913 Mission style lighting fixtures for the historic Church of the Ascension in Pueblo, Co. 1997
  29. Provided authentic 1870’s Renaissance Victorian gas light fixtures for the historic High Bridge Saloon in Lake City, Colorado in 1997
  30. Stripped, polished and clear coated existing brass railings on Bennigans Restaurant in Olde Town Arvada, Co in 1997
  31. Provided reproduction wall bracket lamps for the historic Independence School House in Ft. Lupton, Co. in 1997
  32. Provided reproduction gas and electric wall sconces and antique cast iron exterior wall sconces for the renovated historic Theatre Restaurant in Evergreen, Co. in 1997
  33. Restored the original exterior Deco wall lights for the historic Eagle County Court House in 1997
  34. Provided an unusual 1910 Sheffield Chandelier for the dining room for the Junior Symphony Showhouse in Denver in 1997
  35. Provided restored antique lighting for the Hinsdale Historical Society Museum in Lake City, Co in 1998
  36. Purchased the antique lighting from the world famous Elitch Gardens Amusement Park in Denver Co. in 1998
  37. Provided restored Victorian light fixtures for the Cheshire Cat Brewpub in an old historical Victorian residence in Olde Town Arvada, Co in 1998
  38. Provided antique lighting for the new real estate office for Nostalgic Homes in Denver Co in 1999
  39. Provided antique light fixtures including table, floor, and deck lamps. Also interior wall sconces and exterior porch lighting for the Historic Cliff House in Manitou Springs, Co. 1999
  40. Provided antique reproductions and antique lighting for the Historic 1880 “Navarre” (Restaurant-Speakeasy) by the Brown Palace in Denver, Co for the Anschutz Corp in 1999
  41. Provided antique lighting for the old Beck Ranch in Estes Park, Co. in 1999
  42. Provided antique lighting for the restoration of the Historical Bank in Brush, Co. in 1999
  43. Sold glass shades for the Grant-Humphrey’s Mansion for the Colorado Historical Society – 2000
  44. Provided Antique ceiling fixtures (1920’s Era) for the Chatfield Arboretum- Hildebrand Farm of the Botanical Gardens in Denver, Co. 2000
  45. Restored the original exterior sconces for the Historical “Trading Post” in Red Rocks, Amphitheater in Morrison Colorado for Jefferson County - 2007
  46. Provided Vintage “Rustic” Fixtures for a new home construction with an Old Time Mining Theme in Telluride Co for Owen Construction Company – 2001
  47. Restored 7 Original Exterior fixtures and reproduced 10 more for the “Steel Bridge Lofts” downtown LODO, Denver Co – 2001
  48. Restored rare antique “Angle Lamps” for Boulder County Parks Agricultural Heritage Center for the Lower McIntosh Farm. – 2002
  49. Restored the Original Vintage Fixtures for Rocky Mountain National Park Guest Ranch in Estes Park, Co. 2003
  50. Restored the Vintage Exterior Sconces for the Historical “Willow Glen” Farm House, The Oldest Free Standing Building in Lakewood, Co – 2004
  51. Provided the Gas-Electric Fixture for the Historical Governor’s Mansion in Cheyenne Wyoming for their Centennial Restoration Project 300 East 21st Street – Tim White, Curator – 2005
  52. Restored 6 magnificent chandeliers for the United States Mint in Denver, Co for their Centennial 1906 Celebration in Conjunction for the Minting of the Colorado State Quarters.
  53. Provided all the Kerosene-Electric Fixtures the 1880’s Historic “Field Officer’s Quarters” In Old Fort Logan For the “Friends of Historic Fort Logan Society, Denver Co. 2006
  54. Provided vintage lighting for the “Bliss Café” in Historic Old Towne Arvada, Co. 2006
  55. Provided antique lighting for French restaurant “Z Cuisine” in Old North West Colorado 2007
  56. Provided antique lighting for early 1900’s historic mansion in Old Longmont, Co – 2007
  57. Provided antique lighting for Historic Holland Mansion and Carriage House at 1437 High Street Denver, Co. 2007
  58. Replicated gas chandeliers from an old original photo for The Historic 1884 “Temple Israel” Synagogue in Leadville, Co. 2008
  59. Restored the large vintage brass candlesticks for “Our Lady of the Snow” Catholic Church at 4101 Lamar Street Wheat Ridge, Co. 2008
  60. Restored large chandelier for entry way in Hawaii - 2012
  61. Repaired a pair of sconces in the Drawing Room of the Governor’s Mansion in Denver, Co. 2012
  62. Provided Antique and Custom Fixtures for the “Deadwood Ranch” in South Dakota – 2013
  63. Rented western lighting for the movie “Hateful 8” by Quentin Tarantino – 2015
  64. Restored the original chandeliers with fire damage at the “Walker Ranch” for the Boulder Parks and Open Space in Longmont, Co – 2015
  65. Restored and sold Vintage Signed “Miller” Chandeliers and other vintage lighting for homes in New Orleans, La. 2013
  66. Restored Brass Candlesticks, Procession Crosses and Alter Cross from fire damage for the “Ascension Church” Denver, Co – 2013
  67. Provided vintage lighting for the Historical “Avery House” in Old Ft. Collins, Co. for the Ft. Collins Historical Society – 2016
  68. Provided matched sets of electrified-Kerosene Chandeliers and Sconces for the Historical “Weatherford Hotel” in Flagstaff, Az. Where Zane Grey wrote some of this western novels.
  69. Provided vintage lighting for the movie “Our Souls at Night” with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, filmed in Colorado Springs, Co -